Rolling Stops for Cyclists make sense

It looks like Utah is going to pass a rolling stop law for cyclists, which is really sensible imo. I’m a stickler for cyclist following traffic rules (folks who blow stop signs perpetuate the road rage against cyclists), but coming too a full stop doesn’t always make sense for a cyclist that has a clear line of sight both ways. In practice, virtually no one will fully stop if there’s clearly no traffic coming and laws like this allow for that while maintaining that failing to yield to cross traffic is illegal. Most importantly, this has already been on the books in Idaho for 20 years and they have an excellent cyclist safety record.

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Architectural Stationery Vignettes

Columbia University apparently has an enormous archive of commercial stationary featuring architectural illustrations– and thank god because they’re incredible artifacts for today’s designers. They’re magnificently dense with detailed architectural drawings, filigreed banners and beautiful hand drawn fonts; you almost never see this level of detail in a design world driven by Adobe Illustrator, stock art, and copy & paste.


Network Solutions is terrible

For anyone thinking about using network solutions for their hosting provider, please look elsewhere. Their support is hopelessly slow (took them a week to reply to me) and their answer to why php mail doesn’t work on their server was essentially You don’t pay us enough to have things work correctly. Fortunately there are better hosts that cost less. InMotion, Dreamhost, even godaddy has better support, cheaper rates and better servers.

Food wisdom from Al Bundy

Just ate at  Cool Al’s in Jackson where I had the good fortune to order the “Homewrecker”, a foot long 1/2 pound chili dog. It was fantastic.


First-Ever Images of Atoms Moving Inside a Molecule

Using 50 femtosecond (quadrillionth of a second) laser pulses,  Ohio State researchers imaged the movement inside an atom. I’ve always been told that this wasn’t possible (packets of light are too big and electron microscopes are too slow). I love it when physicists prove themselves wrong, which really is the whole point of science.

If we don’t, remember me.

Just stumbled on this incredible archive of animated gifs from films:  if we don’t, remember me. This is a medium that I never expected to have a resurgence- it turns out we just had to wait for everyone to stop using flash long enough to realize the potential.

West Memphis 3 may be freed today!

In 1993, 3 kids were convicted of murder because they listened to Metallica. Sincerely. The prosecution presented one of their Metallica posters as evidence. 18 years in prison.. Sadly it looks like they’ll have to enter an Alford plea to get released which means that the DA won’t make any attempts to find the actual murderer and they’ll be unable to sue for wrongful imprisonment. That said, a lot of amazing people have worked for years to get their case to this point and any chance for them to walk free is a victory. CNN

Ferrofluid art

Electro magnets and ferrofluids- haven’t seen this work in some time and it’s still breathtaking.

Slow Danger Brass Band

Just launched a website for the Slow Danger Brass Band, in which I have the honor of playing drums. now available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and secret hidden shows in a back alley near you.

heroic lesbian couple saves 40 lives in Norway attack..

and is somehow ignored by the media outlets. The married couple heard the shots and immediately pushed off and drove towards the island (and the gun fire); they made repeated trips, pulling on board kids who had fled the violence into the the water. The story seems ready made for the networks so why does nobody know about it? huff post