Food wisdom from Al Bundy

Just ate at  Cool Al’s in Jackson where I had the good fortune to order the “Homewrecker”, a foot long 1/2 pound chili dog. It was fantastic.

I generally try to eat healthy, but I think it’s really important to occasionally indulge in food that is both delicious and horribly bad for you, because if you don’t you may very well end up only able to digest health food. Perhaps there are special junk food enzymes that we can lose over time or maybe it’s something else, but I know a lot of people who can no longer handle a fast food burger and while I envy their willpower I worry for them should they go on long road trips. I would never advocate a sedentary, fast food filled lifestyle, but I do think occasionally indulging makes us healthier, more adaptable creatures. From Al Bundy (consoling Peggy after junk food killed her health guru).

You didn’t kill Jim. Good health killed Jim. See, he purified his body so completely, that when finally called on to do so, he couldn’t handle the grease and sugar and toxic waste that we call food. He rendered himself extinct. See, healthy people are like dinosaurs. They’re not fit to survive. Jim’s body couldn’t the burgers and bonbons and pastry suckin’s like real Americans. You see, Peg, WE are the truly strong.

See that cockroach over there? You don’t see him carrying of a can of Wheat Germ, do you?

Let’s follow the example of our friend the cockroach. They were before man, they’ll be here after man. You know why? They eat crap. And I say, if it’s good enough for the cockroach, then it’s good enough for my family!