Thanks to Harriet Burbeck for bringing this stunning performance to my attention!

For those interested, you can still find these Gakken theremin kits on ebay and they’re a great- we used one to make our theremin doorbell!

Kaiju Anatomy

King CaeserI love meticulously detailed diagrams from fictional worlds so I was delighted to stumble on this trove of anatomical drawings and mechanical cross sections of Toho kaiju at There’s something so delightful about using scientific illustrations to explain impossibly mythical creatures.

Beer != meth

Homebrewing equipment does not look that suspicious- folks been watching too much Breaking Bad

Bomb Squad called out for home brewery

Gary Busey on Hobbits

“If you people out there have had past life regressions and feel like you may have been a hobbit in a past life, let me know it! and we’ll speak about hobbitism.”

Conspiracy Theory Generator

doentFinally, a conspiracy theory generator we can trust.
No more late nights spent connecting the dots between The Blaze articles and un-cited wiki pages- Verified Facts does the work for me.

J.R.R. Tolkien sings – That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates

While the songs in the Hobbit and LOTR are not my favorite parts by a long stretch, this is pretty great:

A Slower Speed of Light

Always had trouble visualizing relativistic effects, but there’s a game in development that might help with that This game decreases the speed of light until it noticeably affects time and space.

Hunts Sugar Free Tomato Sauce

TIL, sugar free can sometimes mean “with lots of sucralose”. The taste of this abomination is still haunting me.


Best Review on the internet

I was looking for a finely made, obscenely enormous tankard for my homebrew when I stumbled on what is easily the best review for any product on the internet. Tankard of Terror Review

Molten Aluminum + Wood

Hilla Shamia makes incredible furniture by casting aluminum around molds filled with wood, burning the wood and filling up its negative spaces.