ever want to type like a hacker..

but still want a social life? Introducting Hacker Typer. Now by simply mashing your keyboard you can impress your friends and scare your family.

It’s really quite fun, just remember to hit f11 and use your best open mouthed concentration face.

Child Gets Robot Surrogate

ok, not so much a surrogate as a segwey with videoconferencing, but god help us when they start mass producing these things.

Zach Wahls Speaks About Family

I was ashamed to hear Iowa’s legislature moved against the court decision on same sex marriage, but watching this poised, brilliant gentleman I know there’s still hope when it comes to a state-wide vote.

201 day Antarctic expedition..

in 10 minutes. Shot from the research vessel Akademik Fyodorov; if this doesn’t make you leave everything for a life on the sea, nothing will

РАЭ-54 с борта НЭС “Академик Фёдоров” from North Pole on Vimeo.

Future Times

10 years ago I took it as a forgone conclusion that by the time I was 31 we’d have sentient airships circling the globe. It wasn’t meant to be- many things weren’t, but before I get wistful for the space elevators and neural implants I look up views from the new cupola on the ISS and all is well again.


We have 3 enormous chickens now- maybe one is a rooster, but we’re hoping it’s just a hen that’s blossoming early. Here they are as very tiny chickens:

They really couldn’t be easier to take care of and we should be getting actual eggs by Christmas. backyardchickens.com was the best resource for getting everything together- check out their site if you’re at all interested.